Wytches & Seers

Celebrating the Divine Feminine.

Join in the magic...

Wytches & Seers

Celebrating the Divine Feminine.

Feel the incantation...

Wytches and Seers

and Seers

‘Wytches and Seers’ is a personal project that started in 2014, with Part I ending in 2018. Plans for Part II are already being conceptualised.

This project was born at a time I was diagnosed with a female health issue and from my difficulty in accepting this new reality.

In my need to feel like the woman I used to be again,
the concept for this project came to life.

For this project I was mainly inspired by ancient Goddesses,
because what better symbol for feminine power and energy than a Goddess?
But you will also find my own perspectives on the myths of Medusa or even Pandora.

Although, born from pain, ‘Wytches and Seers’, became my highest strength.

And to this day I am still surprised how it also
inspired and impacted different women to find their own inner power. 

Check the project below

And may its magic fill your soul...

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